Self-Promotion: How Much Is Too Much?

Or How to lose friends and alienate people.

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I do a lot of shameless self-promotion. I’ve always felt that “if you don’t believe in it, nobody will”. That’s one of the downsides to having such easy access to social media in this modern age: It’s too easy to promote stuff you’re working on. For example, I co-run a YouTube channel/stream, which most everyone who is reading this already knows. We put out content a few times a week and want to make sure as many of our close friends as possible see them, so we tag them in stuff on Facebook. Or if someone mentions they’re looking for something to watch/a stream to view/vidya related stuff, I find myself pointing out that I know something/have written something and so forth. It’s not to be obnoxious, but it definitely can come across that way. I’m aware of it. I’m certainly not the only person guilty of such flagrant use of social media, but I can’t help but wonder: How much is too much?

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Not everyone has the wide audience to just let their videos, music, or art just organically grow and be seen by thousands. Hell, I’m generally happy just seeing 20-30 views on something, but watching our work get out there really makes me happy. But in the past and present, I have certainly alienated and upset people by constantly spamming my Facebook wall with editorials, streams, videos, etc. We’re all guilty of being proud. But is there too much? Is there a better way? I’m always looking for a new/better/less annoying route. I can’t help but wonder if other Internet personalities have this problem, or if they try to avoid their personal friends even knowing what they do. Neither I nor Colton are Internet famous, but occasionally people see what we do! The end goal is to entertain, not infuriate.

So what do you think?

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