Sevencore Celebrates Launch with Big Prizes

Sevencore Celebrates Launch with Big Prizes



With thousands of mounts raised and dozens of guild battles fought, Sevencore has been officially launched to a worldwide audience!  gPotato is celebrating the launch of its newest MMORPG with grand prize giveaways for top of the line gaming gear, exclusive in-game items, and more.



Ensure the best performance when running Sevencore by winning an Alienware gaming laptop! To enter players must take a screenshot of themselves riding their favorite mount while participating in the Obsidian Invasion, one of several in-game events.  Once taken, screenshots posted to the official Sevencore fanart section will be entered into a raffle to win one of many fabulous prizes: Sevencore hoodies, a Razer Death Adder mouse, a Sumo bean bag chair, or the ultimate prize, an Alienware M11x laptop!



During the Obsidian Invasion players are tasked with protecting precious crystals from the attacking Obsidian forces, but to succeed they’ll have to utilize Sevencore’s unique mounts.  These powerful companions aid in both battle and travel, offering valuable skills and abilities while also making journeys effortless tasks.  Raise a common mount, or be the first to defeat a world boss or dungeon quest to earn the rarest and most coveted of Sevencore’s mounts.



To learn more about Sevencore be sure to check out our detailed 2 part write-up on our game profile, or just see the game for yourself!

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