Shotgun News 11/13: RIFT, GW2, EQ2, and much more!

Shotgun News 11/13: RIFT, GW2, EQ2, and much more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah) OnRPG News Journalist

Storm Legion Comes to Rift

Today is the day Rift fans have been waiting for. The first expansion to Trion’s massively popular MMO is live! Storm Legion brings 10 new levels, triples the size of the world, gives players housing and much, much more. Be sure to look out for OnRPG’s Storm Legion coverage.



Guild Wars 2 Introducing New Armor

To help address the issue of players hitting the Legendary wall Guild Wars 2 is introducing a new level of armor called Ascended. It falls between Exotic and Legendary on the rarity scale. With it will also come a new condition for monsters, and upgrades to fight that condition called Infusions. These were all highlighted in a recent reveal on the official GW2 website.

Everquest II Launches Chains of Eternity

There isn’t just one major expansion coming out in the world of MMOs today. Everquest II is releasing it’s ninth expansion, Chains of Eternity. To keep the server hamster’s happy and busy while the servers down a diary of their adventures is being posted on the site. For all the details of Chain’s of Eternity check out Merry’s preview here.



Chrono Tales Closed Beta

Keys for the closed beta of Chrono Tales are now available via application on the official site. Priority for the codes will be given to anyone following the 3D Browser MMO on Twitter or via Facebook.



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