Shotgun News 11/23: AFO, EVE, Runewaker MMO, and much more!

Shotgun News 11/23: AFO, Eve, Runewaker MMO, and much more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Correspondent

Absolute Force Online Now Region Free

After hearing the cries of people unable to play Absolute Force Online NetDragon has removed all IP restrictions on the MMOFPS so that anyone, anywhere can enjoy it. If you’re still looking for a closed beta key you’re in luck. OnRPG has many in the Events section of the site, or you can just click the link.


Archblade Starts Kickstarter Campaign

CodeBrush Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund extra features in their upcoming MMO Archeblade. The goal is to raise $100,000 before January 4 for new characters, skins, maps and more. Rewards for those who back the campaign run from in game pets to designing a character who will be in the game.


Infernum Secures Runewaker MMORPG for Europe

Publisher Infernum Productions has secured the operating and marketing rights in Europe and Turkey for fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet being developed by Runewaker Entertainment the makers of Runes of Magic. Dragon’s Prophet will be a world filled with dragons to be tamed. A symbiotic link will form with the dragons allowing players to ride them, enter combat with them, and gain special skills only available with the dragons.


InnoGames Gets New Head of Development

At the start of the new year Wim ter Schüren will joinInnoGames as the new Head of Development. Previously he was the head of software development at eSailors IT Solutions. He will be joining InnoGames who has two titles in production and one in the planning stages.


Aika Online Launches New Update

Aika Online launched a new update yesterday while many of us were enjoying our turkey. A new duel system has been introduced allowing one on one battles. Auto move and auto follow features have been added to make questing easier. You can also now inspect players to find out what players are wearing. And there are new color coordinated quest marker to make it easier to identify what type of quest it is.

EVE Launches Retribution Website

The full EVE Online: Retribution website has launched ahead of the December 4 launch. The 18th expansion focuses on the consequences of personal actions. The interstellar law and punishment system is getting simplified and being called Crimewatch. Several ships are getting rebalanced while new ones are introduced. And the combat UI and NPC AI have been overhauled to make them more intuitive and interesting.

Conquer Online Asks Age Old Question, Who Would Win, Pirates or Ninjas

Conquer Online is introducing a new pvp campaign called The War of Faith. In it players must pick a side in life long debates like, pirates vs ninjas. In fact that is the first campaign. Pick a side, put on your mask so no one knows who you are and seek out the enemy. There’s only one question left to ask. Who would win in a fight between pirates and ninjas?

Video Game Marketing Awards Nominations Announced

Game Connection’s Marketing Awards have announced the nominations for next week’s Video Game Marketing Awards. Amongst the nominations are several MMOs. NCSoft is nominated for two for Guild Wars 2. One for online campaigns and another for European print marketing. Wargaming, for Best PR Campaign for World of Warplanes. The EU and NA launch trailer for APB reloaded is nominated for Best broadcast campaign. The awards will be given out on Wednesday November 28 in Paris. Be sure to come back to OnRPG to find out the results.


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