Shotgun News 11/5-9 Week in Review: WoW, GW2, World of Tanks, and much more!

We’ve had a busy week here at OnRPG, so much so that the news has been somewhat neglected. But have no fear, I am back and ready with the major news highlights from the MMO universe.

WoW Cinder Kitten Sales Benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief

Well known for helping out disaster relief with the sale of pets World of Warcraft is at it again. This time to help out victims of Hurricane Sandy some of whom have now been without power for 11 days. The adorable Cinder Kitten pet is going to be available for purchase in the coming weeks for $10 and 100% of that going towards the Red Cross.

District 187: Sin Streets Launch Announced

After months of beta testing CJ Games Global is pleased to announce that their free to play first person shooter District 187: Sin Streets will officially launch on November 20. With it will be released the never before seen Street Fight. A competitive team vs team feature which allows players to form clans and battle for control over territory. Players can register for a special beta to get a sneak peek at Street Fight before it goes live with the launch of District 187.

Chinese Tanks Incoming

Now that I have your attention, I should tell you that the Chinese are coming to World of Tanks. In update 8.2 China will join The US, Germany, Soviet Union, France and Britain in the World of Tanks battlefield. There will be 17 new armored vehicles while the tech tree is composed of modifications to already existing combat machines. It will also include a number of Chinese made tanks which never went into mass production. Check them out in the video below.


BioWare Mythic Becomes Mythic, Again

First it was Mythic Entertainment then it became EA Mythic after being purchased by EA. Then they went back to being Mythic Entertainment for a while before becoming BioWare Mythic. Confusing? I’d say so. Especially when you consider that all of these changes happened in the last six years. Well, here is another one for you. BioWare Mythic is now just Mythic.

Guild Wars 2 Announces November Event Dates

Something is stirring in the Sea of Sorrows, or at least that’s what they say. The Lost Shore event details have been released, spoiler free. On Friday November 16 at noon PST the weekend of events will kick off in Lion’s Arch with something that is not to be missed. It will also trigger events all across Tyria. The next phase of events will kick in at the same time the following day and end with a big finale on Sunday which will be a one time only event chain running several hours.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Announces Free to Play Date

Star Wars fans have been waiting months to hear when SWTOR would go free to play after the initial announcement was made. We now finally know that date is November 15. A page has been set up to help players work out what rewards they will be receiving once free to play begins.

Check back again tomorrow for a special edition of Shotgun News which will feature over a half an hour of videos from MechWarrior, Elder Scrolls Online, and much more.

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