Silkroad Online Floats 99 Red Balloons and More

Silkroad Online Floats 99 Red Balloons and More


Silkroad Online


Leading online game developer and publisher, Joymax, today launches a new carnival event for their ultra popular MMORPG, Silkroad Online. In its latest event, players are seeking balloons in exchange for a huge slew of highly sought after rewards. Players are already turning cartwheels and joining in on this lighthearted event at the Joymax portal.



It’s time to relax and float away on a cloud of balloons; the Carnival is in town! All players will receive two balloons per hour, out of a random set of four. Silkroad travelers can also hunt monsters to collect rubber pieces; these pieces can be exchanged ten at a time for Unicorn Balloons. All balloons can be made larger – just blow into any balloon in your inventory to make it larger. However, be careful! Balloons may pop when they are being blown up. Balloons can grow to as large as Stage 6, and the random prize players receives depends on the final size of the Balloon when players stop blowing it or when it explodes.


Silkroad Online


From now until March 19th, prizes that players can win include the following, divided by stage:


Stage 1:  Berserker Regeneration Potions, Alchemy Catalyst, Trigger Scrolls, Vigor Recovery Grain (Small)

Stage 2: Instant Return Scrolls, Level 11, 12, and 13 Magic Stones of Strength/Intellect/Stam/Magic/Master

Stage 3: Evil Scented Flowers, Illusion Flowers, Life Flowers, Energey Flowers, Whirling Snow Flowers

Stage 4: Subscription Cards, Skill Point Scrolls, Repair Hammers, Instant Resurrection Scrolls

Stage 5: Roc Balloon, Edenp Balloon, Mujigi Balloon, Kiklopes Balloon

Stage 6: *Special Circus Bear Summon Scroll, Pandora’s Box, Option Level Enhancement Scroll, Monster Summon Scroll, Reverse Return Scroll



There’s a silver lining behind every cloud: in addition to all of the balloon collecting from now until March 19th, on March 22nd Joymax will announce two very lucky winners (one random Subscription user and the player with the highest Carnival Event score) to receive a coveted Premium Gold Time Plus and a Clock of Reincarnation (4 weeks). Keep watching the Joymax Facebook at for the lucky two names!

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