Six Runes of Magic players have a shot at 1,000 Euros

Six Runes of Magic players have a shot at 1,000 Euros

Starting on December 10th, an outsized green menace will be stirring up trouble in the Runes of Magic fantasy world of Taborea. Publisher Frogster is inviting all players to take part in a massive boss hunt. Running until December 27th, participants who are able to face off against the menace on one of six days will have a chance at winning a cool 1,000 Euros each.

Runes of Magic Stop the Green Menace

The “Stop the Green Menace” community event is sending out the best and the bravest on a mission to bring down a powerful goblin.  Only the most courageous will be able to lure him into a duel. Players who are able to draw the boss out for a fight on their server during the six day event will be entered into a prize draw for the 6,000 Euros that are up for grabs. A winner will be chosen at random from all the players on the European servers that are able to challenge the boss – it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.


The rewards are not just financial in nature. All players who square off against the goblin during the six day event have a shot at winning the Damnation Bunga Mount, a brand new two-player mount. On this event day, the Goblin won’t be poking around Taborea, but will be lying in wait in the 1-vs-1 arena for brave gamers.


It now falls to the brave adventures to set off on the hunt and protect Taborea from the green menace. You can find hints on where he’s most likely to be found on our Twitter and Facebook pages. More information as well as game rules are available at the official website.


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