Skyforge Mechanoid Invasion Begins Today

Skyforge Mechanoid Invasion Begins Today news header

Developers Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment and publisher have launched the second Invasion in Skyforge today, the Mechanoid Invasion. Players bravely fought off the first Invasion led by the Phytonides, an otherworldly, dangerous group of intelligent plants, but the second Invasion led by the unfeeling AI, the Mechanoids may be an even greater threat.

Invasions affect the entire world of Aelion and require the bravest warriors of Skyforge to work together to have any hope to defeat the alien forces. Those that accept the challenge will find great rewards in the form of significant progress through the Divine Atlas with bonuses that are not counted towards the weekly limits.

For more information, visit the new article on the Mechanoids on the official Skyforge website.

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