SMITE Alien Attacks Patch Notes Revealed

Hirez Studios reveals a new minor tweak patch for third person MOBA, SMITE. In addition to sweet new alien themed skins for Ah Puch and Khepri, this patch seems major changes to blink, Zeus, and Xing Tian nerfs.

The biggest change coming this patch is the update to blink, featuring longer early game cooldowns, the removal of the movement speed buff on greater blink, and overall reduced impact on game flow. Death Bringer also takes a 10% hit to its critical strike damage boost, making it a less absolute buy on ranged carries.

Zeus’ receives a partial rework centered around his cast and forget Aegis Assault shield. The shield is now a more active cast, tossing it away from Zeus to form an area similar to Neith’s spirit weaves but persistent, allowing Zeus to channel his auto attacks and chain lightning into the shield to send a shock to any enemies within its field. Zeus becomes a bit more mobile as well with the ability to cast his ultimate without being pinned down during the animation, as well as transitioning his slow from detonate charge to chain lightning. The bounce on chain lightning also has sped up, allowing users to more actively set up wombo combo damage with Aegis Assault and Lightning Storm.

New God Xing Tian also sees nerfs across the board, though his abilities have been given more obvious damage to reflect the impact player’s feel they’re having on the fight. The most noticeable post-launch change comes with his ultimate, Whirlwind of Rage and Steel. Players inside the spin are now immune to CC, but are incentivized to escape early. This is done by reducing the initial damage of the ulti, but adding amplifying damage depending on how long an enemy remains trapped in the spin.

SMITE Alien Invasion Ah Puch

For full patch notes, including a list of updated god cards, check the official notes page.

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