SMITE Indomitable Spirit Patch Notes – Xing Tian Revealed

SMITE Indomitable Spirit Patch Notes - Xing Tian Revealed news header

Hi-Rez has released their latest set of patch notes for third person MOBA, SMITE, leading into the release of the Chinese guardian Xing Tian!

Xing Tian is famous for having his head cut off, but being so hardcore that he made his nipples into eyes and stomach into a mouth to continue fighting. As you’d expect he’s a guardian. Check out a gallery of his kit and abilities below.

Key highlights of this patch include a nerf to Weakening Curse, dropping its healing reduction to only 65% from 100%. As such sustain and healing gods will be making a much stronger showing following this patch. On a related note, Mail of Renewal sees buffs to help with taking advantage of said sustain.

For full details of patch notes, including a sweet new Agni skin, Ragnarok Fenrir, and Ratatoskr’s gold/legendary skin, check the official post.

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