SMITE Reveals Sol as Next Norse Goddess

Hirez Studios has revealed on their livestream patch notes new itemization changes, Halloween events, and even a new Norse Mage Goddess, Sol!
SMITE Sol Stream

Before getting to the hot foot of the hour, some key itemization changes have arrived to balance some unforeseen evils in recent play. Mail of Renewal has been toned down to keep Guan Cena at bay, reducing its health and mana regen from 20% of max to 15%. Shoes of Focus also get a nifty buff of 250 mana, meaning you’ll actually be able to spam abilities with that bonus cooldown now. Bluestone Pendent sees a very minor reduction in power, ticking twice for 13 damage over 2 seconds now instead of the total of 30 damage before.

This patch also introduces a new Halloween themed Arena map, where minions have been replaced with zombies including a special Jack O’Lantern siege minion. The battlefield will slowly become a graveyard over time as god deaths get marked with tombstones!

SMITE Reveals Sol as Next Norse Goddess

Finally we have Sol, the Norse Goddess of Fire! Let’s take a look at her kit.


Unstable Manifestation (Passive)

Sol gains Heat as she uses abilities and hits with basic attacks. She gains +1% Magical Power and +1% Attack Speed for every 3% Heat. At 100% Heat, Sol’s basic attacks gain +50% Damage. Heat decreases over time.


Sol burns bright, gaining a large amount of Heat and healing her form slowly over time and igniting the ground around her. Enemies that walk onto the fire take damage every second.
Stellar Burst
Sol’s next basic attack explodes, creating a shockwave that travels out dealing damage. At full size the wave reacts, dealing damage again and slowing enemies.


Sol burns down her manifestation, gaining movement speed and ignoring all movement penalties, while leaving a trail of fire behind her that damages enemies.

After 3s Sol loses coporeal form for a short time and her trail explodes stunning enemies for 1.5s. Sol may leave her incorporeal form early.

Ultimate – Supernova
Sol unleashes all her flame and fury from the sky, striking 8 times along a moveable ground target location. Enemies hit are knocked back on the first strike, and take only 20% damage on successive hits.

Sol’s full reveal can be seen on the microsite here.

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