Smite Shadows of Olympus Patch Notes Revealed

Smite Shadows of Olympus Patch Notes Revealed news header

Today’s Smite Patch Note Preview on Twitch revealed the details for update 2.17, Shadows of Olympus. The patch is scheduled to go live on November 3.

This patch is mostly about new skins and the digital SWC Loot Pack. There are also some item changes and a couple of god nerfs. You can find the full patch notes here.

Along with the 2.17 patch, the PTS will also be hosting a new game mode: Clash. The new game mode is meant as a bridge between Arena and Conquest, offering a 5v5 casual mode. The mode is only in a test phase at this time and will not be going live with the Shadows of Olympus patch. More info on this mode can be found here.

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