Soul Seeker: Com2uS Announces Global Launch

Soul Seeker

Com2uS announced the global launch of Soul Seeker on iOS and Android today. This 3D Action RPG includes a deep roster of heroes that players can collect, train and master.

At the start of the game, players choose one of five heroes that each have unique skill sets and class. This hero serves as the leader of a team comprised of other characters obtained through further gameplay. Players can collect hundreds of other characters and strategically build teams with different functions for battles against each boss within the game. Soul Seeker is an exciting journey that combines both skill and strategy for rewarding gameplay.

Main features include:

  • FULL 3D GRAPHICS – Stunning 3D graphics for enhanced gameplay experience.
  • UNIQUE GAMEPLAY SYSTEM – Players form teams of heroes. The success of the team against enemies is based on the combination of skills and qualities of each member.
  • OVER 200 COLLECTIBLE HEROES – Players can collect up to 200 characters and progress through the game by leveling up, completing missions, engaging in battle and collecting items to craft special skill sets.
  • CHARACTER VOCALS – The game features unique character sound effects that bring heroes to life and enhance overall gameplay (Available in English, Korean).

To celebrate the  Soul Seeker launch, Com2uS is holding a 3-part event where players can receive various in-game rewards for completing tasks and quests such as leveling up, defeating monsters and clearing certain stages.

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