Star Supremacy Enters Commercial Launch

Star Supremacy Enters Commercial Launch



LeKool Games is delighted to announce the Official launch of Star Supremacy. Experience the next generation of browser based gaming with this Space war themed game. The battle for supremacy is about to begin in space.


Star Supremacy is a revolutionary strategic space simulation game in which players fight to dominate the universe with their intergalactic empire. Following a unique storyline for each faction, you build a empire to conquer planets, while building new facilities and combat units to form battle squadrons that can take over planets and mine resources.


The player builds up an industrial infrastructure, constructs weapons factories and strong defensive fortifications, to get a strong offensive capability. Build a guild and conquer the universe together. The game offers unlimited possibilities for combination for weapons and ships, so the battles are never dull. Engage in amazing PvP and NPC battles and prove your supremacy.



Animated Battles

PvP, PvE & Arena Battles

Guild Quests & Upgrades

Total warship customization option, so 2 warships are never same

Team up with other players from around the globe

Different race with different storyline progression



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