Star Trek Online Goes Multilingual

Star Trek Online Goes Multilingual



There has been a bit of good news coming from the Star Trek Online team in Europe. Star Trek Online is now available in both French and German. In addition the website, forums and support are available in both languages. Hopefully they’re working on getting support for Klingon next. There will also be more EU friendly in game events in the future. To celebrate this fantastic news they’re having a special Q Double XP Weekend this weekend March 29th to April 2nd!



“The launch of Star Trek Online in Europe is the culmination of our efforts over the past several years to bring gamers the Star Trek universe on a truly massive scale,” said Dan Stahl, Executive Producer for Star Trek Online. “We’d like to share this accomplishment with our community of players that have given their ongoing support to help us create an innovative game that captures Star Trek’s essence and we are happy to offer a localized experience for our French and German-speaking players. Our team is looking forward to sharing this experience with players in Europe and across the world.”



The websites are available by going to and or just and selecting the language you’d like on the upper right side of your screen.



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