Steam adding PS4 Controller Support [Finally]!

NYCC 2015 Day 4 Naruto Storm 4

I’ve had the latest Naruto game for PC for a month or so now. My goal was to experience the Naruto story, most of which I haven’t seen, in a more interactive way. Makes sense, right? I planned on writing an editorial yesterday, debasing and ranting at Valve for not letting me use a PS4 controller with all of my games. I had a fair amount of them that just won’t work with my oh-so-comfortable Dualshock 4. It’s my preferred controller, it’s comfy, everything works just like I want to. Except when I wanted to play Final Fantasy XIII, Naruto, I believe Fallout 3, and a few other games. I had to use outside sources, and even some of those wouldn’t seem to work for me. And buying a whole new controller for one game? That’s stupid. Unless it’s Steel Battalion. However, I heard last night Steam’s going to finally unroll PS4 controller support!

Fallout 4 Review

I went looking this morning, and lo and behold! It’s true! It should be in beta soon, if it isn’t already. I know I’m not the only one who is elated over this news. Not everyone wants to use an Xbox controller, no matter how good/bad you feel about the console. I am however, hoping my opt-in will let me check it out for myself. It’s not just about the Dualshock though. I have more than one fightstick for fighting games, but the newest/best one is a PS3/PS4 stick. If I want to use it with some games, I’m just out of luck without going to outside sources to do so. It’s exhausting, it’s tiring, it’s annoying. And there are some fighting games I won’t use a stick on, or haven’t before, and want to use the familiar controller from the PS2 days. Long story short, it’s coming, I’m happy, and it’s such a good idea. I can’t imagine anyone being against it, but I’m sure if I posted this enough places, I’d get someone who told me to “stop whining” or “Xbox is owned by Microsoft you stupid idiot”, or something else. Are there other controllers you’d like to see on Steam, just for laughs? Atari 2600 joystick? SNES controller with an adapter? Something else ludicrous?

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  • Endathel

    I’m excited to not have to download ds4 any longer!

    • Ragachak

      Amen! That was the biggest, best news for me. I can get rid of x360 and ds4tool!

  • Mike Guzman

    Well I also have an adaptor for PS2 controllers to computer that’s been nice to me