Sudden Attack Receives Massive Portal Update

Sudden Attack Receives Massive Portal Update
GameHi announces new upgrades to their fast-paced MMOFPS Sudden Attack
GameHi, Inc., the blockbuster online games maker from Korea, today announced they’ve released multiple updates to their No. 1 free-to-play first person shooter (FPS), Sudden Attack.
First, in the new map, Gather up to Golden Eye, a new option allows players on opposing teams to retrieve various items not previously available. Players should be warned, there is a time limit in this retrieval mode. The next update has been made to Custom mode, now allowing players to select the weapons of their choice during normal battle. Knives Only and Pistols Only have both been added to this custom play, however, fans should note that they can’t use these modes during Clan battles.
Additionally, the fan-favorite item Character Skinbox, has been repackaged. Players now have female characters to choose from, as well as new usage length times on everything from characters, to colored name-tags. Lastly, back by popular demand, the tough female characters Noble Eye and Red Wind, will now be available for a  limited time to purchase and play. For more information on all of the above updates please visit the April Events section at GameHi.
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