Tales of Pirates: Abandoned Evil Mine Introduction

Today the folks at Tales of Pirates are going to tell you about the Abandoned Evil Mine. In Tales of Pirates there is a large mine known as the Abandoned Evil Mine near the Argent City Haven. It is said that there are many Bosses between level 30 and level 50 there. If level 30+ players have the courage to challenge them, then it can prove an excellent place for them to level up quickly. However, the Bosses and the guards there are so vicious that many pirates have lost their lives. Do you have the guts to fight behind enemy lines and bring back treasure from those monsters?

The light in the mine is so dim that you can only feel where you are going by using your feet and hands. Its like a maze, there are many junctions and dead ends. So if you are not familiar with the layout you’d better follow some experienced players. There is also an entrance to the Silver Mine in this mine. You will meet level 25 bandits, mystic shrubs and the powerful boss Behemoth. After beating them, you can obtain many treasures and items. You need to find an entrance in the 1st story to go to the 2nd story.

Revealing the mystery of the mine, getting rid of the source of evil, finding treasure, and perfect team work. These are your quests in the Abandoned Evil Mine.

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