Tales of Pirates: Exploring Demonic World

The folks at Tales of Pirates want to share the file of a classic maze for TOP players – the Demonic World. In the northern snowfields of Azure, there lies a huge underground maze. It was said that the maze contained a level 50 Chest of Evanescence, level 60 and 65 Chest of Enigma, Level 65 Beautiful Chest and all kinds of level 65 gems which can be used to clear the gear seal. Players who get hold of these treasures will truly obtain the strength to be TOP of the game!

These treasures open every 3 hours. When the time arrives, a teleporting channel will appear and lasts for only 40 minutes. Even if players arrive at the demonic map safely, there are many Elite Monster Guards ready to kill pirates. However, brave pirate heroes can challenge the mysterious maze again and again. The maze has 2 layers with 1 powerful BOSS on every layer. The BOSS on layer 1 is a level 55 Wandering Soul, while on the second layer there is a level 65 Snowman Warlord. Players who kill two BOSSes will have chance to get a Necklace of Snowman Warlord, Kal Runestone, Chest of Enigma, and a Chest of Demonic World 1. Many chests in the Demonic world contain weapons and equipment in their pristine sealed condition. Players can PK freely in Demonic world.

Players with different career can PK on the voyage. Maybe you are a famous pirate hero waiting for a broad battle field or maybe you enjoy your life far from the common world. Or maybe you are a new pirate full of emotion. Either way, fight in the Demonic world for honor, status, money and glory!

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