Tales of Pirates: Fortune-Telling System and Mystical Clover

Since the release of the “Spring Town Chapter” extension, ToP (http://top.igg.com/) players can’t wait to visit Chinatown and the mysterious NPCs in the Spring Town with an oriental flavor.
Hocus Pocus is an important NPC, because you can learn about the Fortune-Telling system and the Mystical Clover from him.

What exactly is the Fortune-Telling System?

The Fortune-Telling system enables players to pick a lot; which can grant players the chance to obtain experience, money, double experiences, double the drop rate of items, and improve your stamina and attack power. In addition, players have a chance to obtain sheep’s hide; which can help you find treasure. So basically, the system can help some lower level players to obtain some fancy stuff.

What exactly is Mystical Clover?

However, the Fortune-Telling system can also bring players bad luck. For instance, you could lose both your experience and money. But if you use the Mystical Clover when you pick a lot, you will have a big chance to obtain rewards rather than lose them. So the Mystical Clovers are very popular amongst players. They can usually sell all of their Mystical Clovers in 5 minutes after they set up a stall in the market.

To Try Fortune-Telling System

Players need to accept the quest from the Chinese girl Chun Li and complete it then go to find Hocus Pocus and buy a Career Lot and a Fortune Lot to try your luck. Players only need to double click on the lots, and if you have Mystical Clovers in your backpack, the corresponding number of Mystical Clovers will be deducted.

Sheep’s Hide

Double click on the Sheep’s Hide to obtain treasure map and click the map to obtain the location of the treasure. Then the players can go to dig for treasure. Players need to dig for treasure repeatedly, because it is possible for the first time of digging to fail, if so a prompt will appear. It is said that the treasure contains a large amount of money, level 75 equipment, rare gems for refining, air tickets, Amplifier of Strive and Runestone.

Players need to be careful when digging for treasure, because the location may be a trap which can lead to thousands of HP damage for you. This definitely is a game for brave people.
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