Tales of Pirates: Industrial Forging

The players from Tales of Pirates recently had some fun with an industrial experiment in game. In the last chapter we heard about Analyzing, today we will continue with a quick glance at another handicraft, Forging.

Many players have strong interests in forging because through forging they can create whatever gear they want or need themselves. There is no need for them to fight hard with BOSSes and hoping the gear drops are exactly what they want, they get it right the first time!

Necessities for Forging:
Fairy Analyzing Skills: Can be learned from the Lifeskill Book of Forging Pet Fairies.
Blueprint: The design drawing, of which the rank must be smaller or equal to the character’s forging skill level.
Tool: Anti Matter Crystal.
Forging Effect: When the forging begins, the dice will start to shake. Players will need to guess Big or Small. The guess will determine the outcome of the forging.

Analyzing Flow:
Find the Big Furnace at Thundoria Castle (759, 1474).
Click to open the Forging page, and then drag the necessary items, Blueprint, pet Fairy, raw materials and Anti Matter Crystal into their corresponding positions. Remember the Blueprint must be put into first slot!
Click Start, then the progress bar below will begin to move. Watch the dice on the right side, they will then start shaking. Players will need to guess Big or Small. Your guess will determine the outcome.

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