Tales of Pirates Opens The Dead Sea!

In less than eight months, Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) has developed into a mature game with hundreds of thousands of fans. After its first server launched on the 29th of March, ToP now boasts 11 servers. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience, IGG is pleased to announce that the twelfth ToP server, Dead Sea, will launch at 3:00 AM EST on Nov 14th.

To celebrate the launch of this new server, a series of special events will be held in Dead Sea.

Double Experience Carnival
Server: Dead Sea
It will last 3 days from 0:00 EST Nov 16th to 0:00 EST Nov 19th
Server: All other servers
It will last 1 day from 0:00 EST Nov 17th to 0:00 EST Nov 18th

Leveling Competition
The event will commence at 3:00 AM EST Nov 14th and run until 1:00 AM EST Nov 21st. The 25 highest level players at 1:00 AM EST Nov 21st will be the final winners.
First Prize (1): a suit of pirate dress + 5 million coins
Second Prizes (2): a suit of pirate dress + 3 million coins for each
Third Prizes (5): a suit of pirate dress + 1 million coins for each
Honorable Mentions (16): 500,000 coins each

In addition, the lucky players who rank 100, 200, 300-though 1000 respectively at that moment in the new server will be awarded 200,000 coin each.

For more details about the new realm, visit the official ToP website http://top.igg.com/

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