Talisman Online brings Patch Previews

Talisman Online brings Patch Previews


A new patch will be released before Christmas! This Christmas patch will bring you packages of new updates and other enjoyable contents. And it’s a part of TO Christmas activities.

In the following days, we will introduce some new things embraced in this coming new patch. Let’s start today with some new changes on in-game UI (User Interface) with you.
As a vital part of a game, UI represents the style and image of the game. So we always attach great importance to UI improvements. We have been making great efforts to improve it.
Update 1 – New Icon of Equipments
In this patch, you will find many new icons of equipments. They will look prettier than before. You are sure to like these new well-designed icons!

New Icons for Equipment



Update 2 – New Icon above NPCs’ Heads
NPCs are always playing a big role in guiding players, providing various in-game functions and offering quests. In the coming new patch, many key NPCs will have an icon above their heads; this will help players identify their functions more easily.

New NPC Icons



Update 3 – New Game Interface
Apart from updates above, the basic interface will also have improvements on its appearance!

New Shortcuts


New Minimap



New Scenarios
In this coming new patch, two new scenarios will be open for players to explore:  Bamboo Valley (in Cloud Mountain) and Ease Cloud Cave (in new map North Resting Place).
Both of them will provide you with different challenges! Moreover, many players can also have more choices in choosing Guild Quest and experiencing new scenario fun!!
Bamboo Valley (Level 11 – 13 Monsters):

Mobs in Bamboo Valley
Ease Cloud Cave (Level 25 – 30 Monsters):
Once you enter Ease Cloud Cave, you will soon come to the first area – Hexagram Array. In the center of this array lies a Hellfire Vessel, which you cannot neglect if you want to continue your exploration in this place!

Hellfire Vessel

Go to talk to this vessel to see what will happen?! More exciting challenges are waiting for you to explore yourself!
New Map – North Resting Place
North Resting Place consists of three main areas. You will enjoy many new fresh quests and monsters there. Besides, the new storyline is also an attraction, which can be found from one special array on this map!

North Resting Place


Visit the Talisman Online official website for more patch information!


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