TERA Announces CB 4 Details

TERA Announces CB 4 Details



En Masse Entertainment launched a new patch today in preparation for TERA’s 4th CB test happening this weekend. With it comes some major new areas like the Elin/Popori homeland of Pora Elinu and a level cap of 38!



One of the major complaints of people new to the game was that TERA has far too easy of a learning curve, despite its intense combat system catering more towards veteran MMO players tired of the typical online game. To rectify this, En Masse is lowering the max hp of characters below level 16 to make the starting zones a bit less forgiving on a new player. Once you hit 16 you’ll experience a sudden flux of HP gain each level until you hit standard growth at 20.



Tired of picking fights you can’t win? Starting this weekend you’ll be able to see the level of other players the same way you see the level of monsters. Since levels create a huge power difference between characters, En Masse decided this change was necessary for the current rule sets of PvP servers.



One final cool change is a new event beginning this weekend. Keep an eye open for Terron Treasure Troves because they contain amazing consumable items created by the Elin princesses themselves. But you’ll have to fight off the annoying Terron staying watch over it.. a task I doubt will be very difficult based on my experience with the race.



Does all of this mean nothing to you because you missed out on grabbing a beta key from the other websites? Well OnRPG has a couple lying around. How about the first 5 people to post on DizzyPW’s Profile Wall get keys to this weekend’s CB test? I have roughly 50 keys to giveaway so keep an eye on our twitter page tomorrow for more information on how to snag them!

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