TERA Online gets Serious with Closed Beta Sign-Ups!

TERA Online gets Serious with Closed Beta Sign-Ups!



Today marks a glorious day for action combat lovers across the western world as Frogster and EnMasse have both announced official sign-ups have begun for TERA Online’s first beta test since the community play events!



Powered by the Unreal 3 engine and fine-tuned and balanced on the Korea servers for over a year, TERA Online is set to shake the MMO genre with breathtaking worlds, an expansive story of political intrigue and warring races joining together in a shaky alliance for survival, and an action combat system more solid than anything I’ve ever played. TERA EU has promised to draw 1,000 names to give complete access for the duration of the testing phase leading up to launch! Although an officially launch date is not confirmed, Frogster and EnMasse still hold on to their claim of a Spring 2012 release date, so being a winner of this first batch ensures you at least a few months of free gaming time in one of the premier action MMORPGs of 2012.  But hurry as you must be registered by Friday the 13th to qualify for the first selection process.



A few things to note:

Unique Invitations: Access to the closed beta requires a unique invitation. Each invitation will indicated which closed beta test it is valid for. Submitting your email address more than once won’t increase your chances of receiving an invitation.


Random Selection: Invitations to TERA’s CB test will be distributed before each event based on random selection.


Open Beta Selection: Anyone who signs up will be ensured access to open beta when the time comes.


Alpha Testers: All alpha testers will be ensured access throughout the beta tests.


Contests and Giveaways: Although nothing is confirmed yet, you can expect to see some official contests and giveaways on many MMO news sites in the coming months!



To register your email address for the North American servers, please visit This Link.


To register your email address for the European servers, please visit This Link.


Also be sure to check out the new teaser trailer released by Frogster today!

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