TERA Teases Improved New and Returning Player Experience

October 13th marks a big day for En Masse Entertainment as a new update arrives in their hit action MMORPG, TERA: Rising! The Lost Isle will revamp the new player experience, combined with an improved and more functional character creation system.

TERA Lost Isle Update Teaser

In addition to this update offering a more fulfilling story and sped up process for leveling from 1-11, it has something nice in store for higher level players returning from a lengthy absence. Players with a character between 58 and 65 will receive a Returning Hero tab, easing them back into the memories of their old skill bar, and assisting in getting their gear up to snuff to stay competitive.

More specific details on this update will surely arrive as the launch date draws nearer. Keep an eye on TERA’s news page for more info.

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