TERA Unleashes Wave of Launch Feature Articles

TERA Unleashes Wave of Information on New Launch Features

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief



Tomorrow at 7pm PST marks the day in which those who have pre-ordered En Masse Entertainments’ TERA will have access to open beta servers for the purpose of creating their first character! This nice perk offers those throwing their support behind the game early to make sure they get a character name of their choosing as well as prepare their looks ahead of time so they can hop straight into the game on April 20th.



Players will be allowed to create only one character on one server so coordinate with your friends and choose wisely. The process is as simple as logging into the game, selecting your server, and making your character so if you participated in any of the CB tests you will know the drill. If the server you want to play on is full, don’t despair. Name reservation will be available until April 17th at 10:00AM PST so if you’re patient room on the server might open up in the meantime. Players are also free to delete their character and start over on a different server if they wish, so don’t think this is a one-shot only opportunity.



En Masse must be stocked about this because their site has been blowing up with new information since PAX East. Check out below for a recap of the news released this week.



New Skills

Every class is receiving a buff in the form of new skills. Archers will now have Eagle’s Eye, Concussion Trap, Ensnaring Trap, and Explosion Trap. Berserkers now wield the tricky Evasive Smash. Lancers now control the battlefield with the devastating Chained Leash. Mystics now have Warding Totem. The priest receives two skills called Healing Immersion and Grace of Resurrection. The Slayer gains measured slice. Sorcerers have mastered the art of Stone Skin. And finally warriors are receiving the most love with a skill called Scythe and a rework that allows them to build fury as a battle progresses, eventually unleashing it in a devastating blow in the form of empowering one of your skills such as Scythe and Battle Cry.



Factions and Reputation

A series of prominent individuals in need of powerful warriors now stand ready to reward anyone who dares answer their call for help. Ally with the Argon Researching Invalesco, nature loving Hyderad Legacy, wreckless Argon slaying Shariar, the underground network known as the Hands of Velika, The big game hunting Valsekyr Hunt, or wise Agnitors in their quest to create dimension warping Nexuses. Your hard work will pay off with varying rewards including hats and masks, new mounts, and Green Crystals that can customize jewelry to match your combat role in a party.



New Dungeons and Group Finder

Five new dungeons are being prepared for launch at various levels. Not only are they being reworked and improved, but new storyline is being added to fill in the gaps of the current progression to end game! In addition the dungeon finder will be available with combat buffs and extra loot for those willing to use it. Drop rates are also going up on boss loot.



All in all things are picking up fast so keep your eyes on TERA all month as I’m sure the biggest surprises are yet to come!

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