The Destroyer – Kartuga’s Lightning Fast Aggressor

The Destroyer – Kartuga’s Lightning Fast Aggressor


Kartuga: Destroyer


Today InnoGames introduces the Destroyer, the first of three pirate classes in the upcoming Action-MMOG Kartuga. The agile ship is an offensive, all-purpose weapon for those out to be an aggressor on the high seas. The Destroyer causes massive damage, and added to that possesses speed and maneuverability – which makes this class downright mean. Durability isn’t a strong suit for this ship, however, and it’s vulnerable to attacks. A video has also just been released detailing the benefits of the Destroyer.



Kartuga players have the ability to customize each class even further, by unlocking a skill tree branching out in three directions. In the case of the Destroyer, these are called Raider, Ravager and Brawler. These skills determine the qualities of each ship. While the Ravager excels in long-range battles, the Raider’s fighting style can best be described as hit-and-run, as this skill’s mobility is unmatched. In contrast, the Brawler, with its ultra-thick armor and decisive attacks, is the scrappiest of the three.



Kartuga is an Action-MMO with RPG-elements. The 3D pirate game invites players to choose from three ship classes, and developing their unique play style by leveling up and combining various skills and equipment. Core of the game, developed by Ticking Bomb Games, is cooperative PvP. Players challenge each other in teams of four in intense, fast-paced matches. Closed Beta is planned for early 2013.

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