The fuck is this? Metroid Edition


Metroid is one of my favorite franchises. I’m all for games branching out and trying new stuff, but I also feel like it’s important to come back to what makes you a success. And what makes Metroid successful? I mean damn, there’s a genre of game co-named after it: Metroidvania. The style of game that blends side-scrolling of Metroid and Castlevania, finding powerups in the world, growing powerful as you explore. Metroid, Metroid 2: Return of Samus, Super Metroid, these are classics. I’m not suggesting we emulate these and always follow this format, but there’s another thing that has made the Metroid series so beloved: Story. I don’t really care for how they’ve evolved Samus in the last game or two though. But what are they doing now?


I know this all boils down to opinion but damnit, Samus is supposed to be this independent ass-kicking machine, who can still love and be happy, while obliterating aliens and space pirates. Not dependent on anyone or anything but her own talent. She’s powerful, she is a role model for a lot of folks. Why have we strayed so far away from this style? I love the Metroid franchise, and I even liked the Gamecube ones even if the format of exploration wasn’t for me. The behind-the-helmet view was still sick. But what do we get now? Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The fuck is this? A MOBA? A co-op where you wear stupid looking armor and wander a planet? Maybe it’s the ranting of an old man, but can we kindly go back to what fucking made Metroid amazing? A gripping story, a badass character, and a huge planet to explore? We have the technology to do some amazing things, and we waste it on “Federation Force”. We have so much power to create and that’s the end result? Come on, Nintendo. I believe in you.

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