The Missing Ink Evil Geniuses Competition

The Missing Ink Evil Geniuses Competition



Have you ever wanted to be the bad guy?  Putting your dastardly plans into action from the comfort of your heavily guarded lair?  Are you an evil genius in the making, ready to unleash mayhem across the virtual world?



If you answered yes to the above then we have some good news for you!  The Missing Ink has just launched a building competition to design the game’s first major raid zone.



Just register for the free-to-play game and you’ll receive your own sandbox virtual world – we call them Blurbs – to build and share with friends via a simple web link – easy!



To enter the competition you need come up with, and build, an evil genius lair complete with its own boss and minions.  Entrants can then post the background, details and any extra material such as concept art that they’ve come up with in the forums.



The winner of the competition will see their idea converted into the first major raid zone in The Missing Ink MMORPG and they’ll also receive an engraved iPad Mini.  But the prizes don’t stop there.  They’ll also get a totally unique custom avatar made just for them – and we’ll put a 3D statue of their avatar permanently on display in the game’s starting area, known as the Ministry of Defending Stories.



Three runners-up will also receive custom avatars, and virtual oil paintings of their avatars will be hung on the walls of the Ministry of Defending Stories for all to see.  Finally both the winner and all three runners-up will each receive a The Missing Ink, Inkling T-Shirt.



Entries for the competition close on 1st May 2013 with the winner being announced on 31st May 2013. 



Full details can be found at the competition page:



RedBedlam’s Managing Director Kerry Fraser-Robinson commented “We think his is a great competition for all aspiring level and/or game designers.  Good luck to all of the other evil geniuses out there.”

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