The Secret World ‘Issue #2: Digging Deeper’ Now Live

The Secret World ‘Issue #2: Digging Deeper’ Now Live


The Secret World: Issue 2


Funcom is excited to announce that the second major content update for its modern-day massively multiplayer online game  The Secret World is now live. The update, titled  ‘Issue #2: Digging Deeper’, provides subscribers with a vast amount of new content and features, adding many more hours of fun and exploration to an already incredibly deep MMO.



In just over two months after launching  ’The Secret World’, the development team has already delivered two major content updates for the myths, legends and conspiracy themed MMO. These updates are part of a post-launch content plan aimed at serving subscribers with new content to explore.  ‘Issue #3’ has already been in development for some time and the content of this update will be revealed later this week. Hint: It has cats in it, but not the type we recommend offering a bowl of warm milk.



“When we revealed our post-launch content plan it was to assure our players that we are committed to expanding the game long after launch,” says Creative Director and Senior Producer Ragnar Tørnquist. “With two major content updates delivered in less than three months after launch, I think we have definitely shown just how committed we are to the game. We are far from done, and in the next few months players will see everything from story-based seasonal events to our first ever raid.”


The Secret World: Rocket Launcher


Here is an overview of some of the content and features of  ‘Issue #2: Digging Deeper’:


New Game Systems

The first of many completely new Auxiliary Weapons – the Rocket Launcher – is now available! The players can acquire the Rocket Launcher through a special new mission and upgrade it as they defeat greater and greater challenges in the game. This also means the introduction of the new Auxiliary Wheel, where players can develop new abilities for the Auxiliary Weapons. In addition they have gotten an extra active and passive ability slot to take advantage of their newfound power.



New Content

‘Issue #2: Digging Deeper’ offers plenty of new content for players to enjoy. With four new Investigation missions and an Action mission there is plenty of new stuff to do. But that is just the beginning; all Lairs in the game have been revamped, receiving a mission each – with much more to come! All of them now also offer increased rewards to the persevering players who hunt in these dangerous areas. Two new Nightmare dungeons have become available, The Facility and Hell Eternal, and these extreme challenges will give even the most experienced dungeon crawlers the fight of their life.



New Opportunities

Players are now be able to visit a barber shop, Ockham’s Razor, and a plastic surgeon, the Modern Prometheus, to alter their appearance as they see fit, with a host of new options for looks and hairstyles. A completely new Group Finder tool is another fresh feature included with ‘Issue #2: Digging Deeper’. With this tool players can easily team up with anyone, from any Dimension anywhere in the world, and play together in any dungeon or playfield throughout  ‘The Secret World’!

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