The Secret World Remains B2P Post “Apocalypse”

The Secret World Remains B2P Post “Apocalypse”


For everyone who has been following Joel’s decent into madness this December – prophesying the end times through interviews, tweets and videos – it is probably not surprising to hear that today, after 11:11 UTC has come and gone on December 21st, he is a very happy man.


In his third and final ‘End of Days’ video log we follow him into the bunker where he does one or two things that probably warrants a ‘viewer discretion’ advisory, before learning from Funcom’s CEO that the world is still standing and that everything he believed in was all a hoax.


Ouch. That must be awkward.



Still, Joel is a very happy man. Despite being a nail-biting month for him, it sure has been an incredibly exciting one as well. The Secret World opened up for a bigger audience by removing the subscription requirement, the fifth major content update for The Secret World was released chock full of amazing content, and tens of thousands of gamers from all over the world has been taking part in Funcom’s unique ‘End of Days’ alternate reality game.


You can catch him live right on on Funcom’s channel streaming to answer player questions and simply rejoice that the end has come and gone and The Secret World remains.

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