The Warlords, a new MMO coming

In a time where bandits roamed freely ransacking and pillaging the countryside, where unrest and bloodshed was widespread, where peasants feared for their lives; a band of three stood in a pact sealed with blood to bring forth their own form of justice.
The Warlords is an innovative MMORPG that portrays an ancient Chinese theme and style. In this period of anarchy, players must seek to strengthen their own brotherhood or sisterhood to bring new life to the battlefields of Ancient China. In a world of distrust, your only allies are your sworn siblings, who would defend you with their lives.

To be released in April 2009.

Special Game Features:
Entourage System
Brotherhood & Sisterhood
Nobility System
Voyage Campaigns

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 98(SE), Windows2000, WindowsXP
CPU: PIII 800MHz or above
RAM: 128MB
Display Card: for 3D graphics 16MB or above
Sound Card: supports DirectSound or other 100% compatible sound card
Hard disk space: 2GB of available hard disk space or above
Internet connection with 56 Kbps or faster connection speed

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