This Just In: Five Pokémon Go Tips


We here at the Bottom Tier News Entertainment System live to give you the most important secrets and tips on the Internet. And today, we’ve got some exciting Pokémon Go tips, just to fuel your way to the top of the mountain. Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? You won’t be, unless you pay heed to our wisdom. Niatec doesn’t want you to know! The Pokémon Company doesn’t want you to know! Those other news websites don’t want you to know! But we’ve got you covered.


1: Shaking your phone violently while driving speeds up egg hatching: Tired of walking 1, 5, 10 kilometers just to hatch an egg? We don’t even use kilometers! All you have to do is shake your phone quick enough! It will count as steps and help you hatch eggs faster than ever before.

2:  Throwing your phone into the air helps you catch flying types: Of course it’s easier to catch flying Pokémon at higher altitudes. So if you toss your phone up into the air, it will trigger them on your GPS.  Bam! Catch those Fearows and Aerodactyls!

3:  Pokémon become harder to catch when others in your area catch them first:  Pokémon Go is creating this supposed air of teamwork and togetherness, but the more people that are in an area, the LESS likely you are to catch a Pokémon! You better make sure you are there first, or can get those other trainers away! Defeat your opponents and catch them all!

4: Throwing it in water helps you find Water Pokémon: Just as the flying types, the water is home to water Pokémon. For people without waterproof phones, you’re just out of luck I’m afraid. You can occasionally find water types on land, but only when you’re closer to the ocean.

5: This one they really don’t want you to know: If you maintain a level ten gym for a week, you can design and give out badges to rival trainers: This will become incredibly expensive for everyone at the top of the food chain, so they definitely don’t want anyone to hold a level 10 gym! Only the most dedicated, most powerful of trainers can hold Real Life Pokémon Gyms.

Bottom Tier News Entertainment System believes in everyone’s Pokémon Potential! So our final tip: How to catch a Mew. Simply locate the lowest elevation in the town where you live. Then it’s simple. The next step is:

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