This Just In: GOG adds three Disney games to their library!


This Just In to the Bottom Tier News Entertainment System:, home of DRM-free classic PC games, added a few new titles to their library! Disney’s Aladdin [Sega version], The Lion King, and The Jungle Book. I just have to know: Why? I don’t know anyone who enjoyed the Lion King game on the Sega or SNES. It was ludicrously difficult, the hit detection/platforming was absolutely horrific. There wasn’t anything about it that equaled a good game. Especially swinging by giraffes. The Jungle Book? I can’t think of anyone offhand who even played that game. So whether it’s good or not I can’t even say. It’ll be on my to-play list though. There were solid, even good Disney Sega/SNES games in the 90s. But why these three? I don’t understand if this is a ploy to see if they sell well or just a PR stunt. It’s such a weird set of games.

aladdin snes vs sega

The thing I understand the least is why they’d use the PC/Sega version of Aladdin. I preferred the crip visuals of the Super Nintendo, and that is mostly due to owning one and not owning a Sega. Another thing I didn’t really care for was that Aladdin had a sword in the Sega/PC versions. While it’s very cool, and dare I say edgy, but it’s not really that accurate to the film. Aladdin didn’t go around whippin’ peoples asses with a sword! The apple fits better. Sure, at the time the SNES was still very much a family-friendly machine, that is until MK2, I enjoyed the design and sounds of the SNES version so much more. Even if I hated the Magic Carpet flying with everything that is in me. It was just really hard! If they wanted to pick Disney games there were options! Darkwing Du. . . No, that one was awful. Maui Malla. . .eh, maybe. But I’m sure they existed.

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