This Just In: SEGA acquires Amplitude

Endless Legend Shifters - Allayi City

I was never a SEGA fan as a kid. I had an NES, SNES, my sister had a Gameboy, then I went right to PlayStation 1 in a series of events that still leave me a little scarred. The Dreamcast basically was their swan song, and though I love it to tears and distraction, it was the end of their existence making consoles. Since then they’ve made quite a killing for themselves in game publishing, their latest “Total War: WARHAMMER” being a smash hit, if you’ll pardon the expression. However, their latest acquisition is a big one, and that’s Amplitude! You might know them for the “Endless” franchise: Endless Legend, Endless Space, Endless Dungeon.  What makes this a big deal? SEGA’s really been big in the strategy market these days, and Endless Legend under a powerhouse like SEGA could mean really big things in the 4x market.

Total War: WARHAMMER Conquer This World Trailer

Consider this: The kingpin of the 4x market is really Firaxis and their Civilization franchise.  Civ has almost never made a bad game. I really must stress almost because a few of their games were absolute fucking bollocks. The Endless games are good, and Amplitude has a solid track record of listening to their fans. Some people might see it as “selling out”, but that’s idiotic. At the end of the day, the goal is to not only make quality games, but to make money. Who doesn’t love money? Nobody that I know! This is a huge get for SEGA, as they are stronger than they’ve been in years, and the dedicated, talented team at Amplitude will now potentially have a lot more money to make fantastic strategy titles. I’d like to see what they can produce. As a long-time lover of strategy games, I want to see what this partnership creates. Now Endless is backed by the same people who have created Dawn of War, and Total War, some of the greatest strategy series I’ve ever played.

I mean, they’re no Romance of the Three Kingdoms. . . but what is? This isn’t the first company they’ve acquired, and so far, they have a nice strong track record. I for one, am sincerely looking forward to it, but I can’t help but feel a bit of dread. I’d hate to see such a fun IP be wasted.

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