This Just In: Twitch to do battle with Gamewisp/Patreon

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This just in: Twitch is gearing up to do battle with Gamewisp and Patreon! At least, that’s how it seems to me. I was doing some reading this morning, that a leaked email came out concerning Twitch and their subscription system. It doesn’t concern us at Bottom Tier [yet, we’ll get partner, just you wait and see!] but it’s definitely an interesting idea. What they’re saying around the Internet, is that they’ll be introducing two new tiers for subscription, 9.99 and 24.99, so ten bucks and twenty-five bucks. This will be available to opt-in for as a beta very soon, as something that Twitch Partners can test, and see what they think of it. What do you mean, “See what they think of it” though? Who in their right mind doesn’t want more money? It’s optional though; people who donate 25 bucks a month aren’t better than people who don’t, or less special. Everyone who shows up to a stream and shows support, they’re all special. I can’t imagine this being a bad thing though unless a streamer treats those people who donate more as being “better” than the rest of their fans. That’s where the problem is going to be. But if you want to know some more, click here!

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There will be perks like exclusive emotes and other stuff, I imagine, and there are lots of people that like supporting the streamers they spend hours a night watching. There’s nothing wrong with that. We always tell our folks they are under no compunction to donate or sub to us on Gamewisp but we do appreciate it because we spend a fair amount of our week just doing this because we love it. I think it’s a pretty good idea, but Twitch seems to want to do battle with third-party subscription systems because it takes money out of their pocket. First, lowering the requirements to become partnered, now this. If we were partnered, would we use this instead? If it let us set the bonuses we wanted to offer people, I think so. But people who aren’t partnered aren’t likely crazy about this. Because what about BITS? BITS are a way for people to donate money to show off how supportive they are of a stream, and it shows up on the screen with them being the top donator. But only partners can do it. So the people who are starting off, trying to make playing video games/being entertaining their full-time job, or at least something they can do and find some financing for new games, new equipment, etc. BITS would be a great way to do that.

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Bottom Tier – Pendles – Battleborn

Personally, I think this is a pretty cool idea, and as long as they don’t take further steps to stop people from using outside sources unless they make it easier for everyone who streams to monetize their work. There are tons of people who appreciate the work streamers do and want to support the stuff they do online. I think that’s wonderful. In all honesty, I like the idea, but it doesn’t affect us for now. I can’t imagine streamers not wanting it, but I’m afraid of how people might use it to put some folks on a pedestal or treat people better than others because they have spare money. What are your thoughts on supporting streamers?

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