This Just In: Yorick’s Kit Leaked!


This Just In: Ronan the Accuser is now in League of Legends!  I mean. . . Yorick’s kit has been revealed! He’s one of the least-loved champions in League of Legends although frankly, I don’t understand why. Do they not like gravediggers? The keeper of the Shadow Isles? Maybe they think his kit is just boring. Regardless of the reason, he needed some love and boy did he get it! He is still a gravedigger, still has an army of corpses to do his bidding, but it’s certainly in a fresh and unique way. We learn he’s not evil, and is in fact trying to purify the “Blessed Isles”, now the Shadow Isles. That explains why he pretty much hates all his fellows on the Isle, from Morde on down the line. He’s trapped a world of evil in his cloak and is going to use it to fight the evil on the isles. But what can he do? I’ll give a little hint here and some thoughts, but I found it over at Surrender@20.

Passive: Shepard of Souls: Yorick can have up to four Mist Walkers in his service at once. Mist Walkers decay if they move too far from either Yorick or the Maiden of the Mist. A grave is occasionally created when enemy minions or neutral monsters die near Yorick, and all enemy champions that die near him leave a grave.  [This is a really cool passive, but fortunately, the Mist Walkers/Corpses are pretty dumb, and just lurch and charge forward. The “occasionally” throws me for a loop though.]

Q: Last Rites/Awakening: Yorick’s next basic attack deals bonus damage and restores some health. If Last Rites kills a target, it creates a grave. If there are at least three graves nearby and Last Rites is on cooldown, Yorick can instead cast Awakening to raise Mist Walkers from the graves. [Should that be ‘off’ cooldown? That would make more sense, in my opinion. I like the original part of it, the damage/health store. That’s really strong top lane. What’s the cooldown? Is this going to be something you need intense CDR on? Will it be like Nasus’ Q where you need to use it pretty often? Will Awakening have a different cooldown? This plays into the “is there a limit”?]

W: Dark Procession: Yorick summons a destructible wall of corpses that encircles a target area for a few seconds. [I like this a lot to be totally honest. Will it create a slow like Karthus/Thresh do? That would be gimmicky but cool. This could make a fun ability to take bot lane. Yes, I know I always want new, wacky ways to support. Except the ghouls would make it hard for the carry to farm. . . Look, I can dream okay?]

E: Mourning Mist: Yorick hurls a globule of Mist that deals magic damage, applies a slow, and marks a target. Yorick and Mist Walkers get a movement bonus when heading toward marked targets. [Or as I call it now, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere!” and makes me want to build Rylai’s on Yorick. AP Tank Yorick incoming. Calling it now. I’m just grateful only him and his crew get the speed buff, and not your whole team. Love it.]

R: Eulogy of the Isles: Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist (at higher ranks, she’ll bring some Mist Walkers with her). The Maiden moves and attacks on her own. When Yorick attacks the Maiden’s target, he’ll deal bonus magic damage based on the enemy’s maximum health. [This is an interesting ult. It’s like Tibbers only less infuriating, less guaranteed to wombo and one-shot a whole squad. But it’s important to follow her target. I like that she attacks on her own, but it takes a lot of his fight out of his hands; he has to follow her lead or else he’s not maximizing his damage.]


I have too many questions, most of which can’t be answered until the rework is on the PBE.  The big ones are: What are the circumstances/percentages on the chance of Q Graves to spring up? Is he going to be a tank? I want him to be an AP Tank so very badly. My initial thoughts of him are mostly positive. Of course we won’t know until later, but he seems too dependent on the minions, and if he has no army, he loses a lot. Too much maybe. He’s so gimmicky with his army now. I love Yorick and I love the concept, but I don’t know if I love this kit. I like it, and I like that he can be an absolute split-pushing nightmare, but how co-dependent is he on the Mist Walkers? We will soon see, I suppose!

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