Travian: Legends Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Codex Victoria

Travian Games is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its flagship title, Travian: Legends, with a special community event: Codex Victoria.

In this special event, players choose one of five Travian tribes to begin a village. Set on a map of ancient Europe, players join alliances and take certain roles and tasks to conquer different regions of the ancient European area. The game is still fun and challenging, as only one group of players can win the game. Reworked visuals for each tribal village and the game interface have been added, as well as more detailed player statistics and game features.

A special behind the scenes video showcases how the Travian: Legends team has worked on the title, and features interviews with expert players and game director Eckart Foos.

Jörg Strathaus, CEO of Travian Games, said via press release:

“We at Travian Games really appreciate the support of our live games. We are extremely happy with how Travian: Legends evolved over the years. As CEO, I’m very proud of all those people working on the game giving their best to constantly improve it. We definitely do not stop at 15 years and already have some new and exciting plans for the near future.”


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