Triad Wars: April Ask Me Anything Recap

Triad Wars AMA

Yesterday, United Front Games tackled the reddit community with an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for Triad Wars. Here’s some of the highlights of the questions and answers from the session.

Connection to Sleeping Dogs

It’s a prequel:

Triad Wars AMA 3

Female Characters

Yes, it’s in the works:

Triad Wars AMA 4



And will come with a rename option:Triad Wars AMA 6


AI and player defense being looked at:

Triad Wars AMA 5

As are raiding rewards:

Triad Wars AMA 8

Future Content

More rackets coming soon:

Triad Wars AMA 1

The black market will be expanded:Triad Wars AMA 2

Co-op is coming sometime:

Triad Wars AMA 7

Top rank play is also being looked at:




Triad Wars AMA 9

Along with active defense:Triad Wars AMA 10


Sleeping Dogs 2?


Triad Wars AMA 11

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