Uncharted Waters Online Expands Role of Colonies in New Update

Uncharted Waters Online Expands Role of Colonies in New Update



CJ Games Global is expanding the role of colonies with an update to Uncharted Waters Online, the historical massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) for the PC. The latest content, dubbed the Tierra American chapter, adds the West Indian Company along with several other buildings that boost profits, skills and experience from colonies. Merchant sailors and swashbucklers alike can try out the new quest lines and discover the frontier by visiting the game’s official site at http://uwo.netmarble.com/.

The colonies add a new gameplay element to Uncharted Waters Online, and CJ Games Global is adding additional features to make the journey to the frontier easier than ever.


These new features include:

1. Company Improvements – CJ Games Global made several changes to the company system to make it easy for sailors to find new friends and experience the perks of company life:

     a) Trial memberships easily allow new players to meet friends and get a head start in the game. Anyone who graduates from sailor’s school will have the opportunity to become a novice member.

     b) Open invitations are for the large companies with more than 100,000 fame points who want to grow and expand their power. Any player will have the option of joining the open company just by visiting the company   house NPC.

      c) Easy enrollment allows players that are part of a company to extend an invite to their friends without the aid of an NPC.


2. Oxford University Lectures – The wealth of knowledge at one of the oldest universities in the world will give sailors plenty of insight, experience and special skills when researching new professions. Each Monday at 11 a.m. PST, advanced lectures will commence for professions chosen at random. Even if the topic doesn’t match a character’s profession, players can still receive experience and rewards.


3. Free Ships for Graduates – Players that are trying Uncharted Waters Online for the first time will have the opportunity to commence sea-faring trips in no time at all. Sailor’s school covers all the nautical know-how a land-lubber needs and awards a ship tailored to the player’s specific professions upon completion of the course.


4. New Pets – Exploring the colonies alone is a scary proposition, so Uncharted Waters Online has four new pets to bring along, the regal Siamese cat, the protective coyote, the cuddly Calico cat and the dainty Persian cat.


5. Increased Auto-sail Distance – Navigating the seven seas is now easier than ever with the increased range of auto-sail mode. The Port Entry Permission map now will display destinations and players can engage auto-sail between previously discovered locations within range.


6. The last item in the newest content for Uncharted Waters Online brings changes to the battle campaigns. Adventurers, soldiers and merchants can now engage each other in 2-on-2 duels in addition to the previous 5-on-5 and 10-on-10 naval battles. The small battle size will require the utmost perfection in sailing and warfare tactics on the high seas.



Players can choose the path of an adventurer, soldier or merchant, with each path providing a distinct way to experience the game. With countless lands awaiting exploration and thousands of artifacts to discover, Uncharted Waters Online offers a level of content that can satisfy core and casual players alike.

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