Urban Rivals Launches on Android

Urban Rivals Launches on Android Operating Systems



Boostr has launched the first mobile (J2ME) version of Urban Rivals in 2004, the web version in 2006, the iOS version in December 2009, and the Facebook version in 2010. And now 2012 marks the introduction of their hit ITCG, Urban Rivals, onto the Android platform.



The new android version offers both solo and multiplayer modes, as well as a new user interface to manage the collection. Users are able to choose from more than 700 characters to build their card decks. By fighting their opponents, users can level up their cards and unlock new statistics and graphics. The android version supports 13 different languages and is compatible with devices supporting android version 2.2 and higher.



Unfamiliar with Urban Rivals? Check out their trailer to get a feel for its distinct flair and strategic combat system.

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