Victor Vran: Multiplayer Monster-Mashing Mayhem Unleashed

Victor Vran: Multiplayer Monster-Mashing Mayhem Unleashed

Haemimont Games is happy to unveil the most-wanted feature for its new action-RPG, Victor Vran! As of today (10:00 PST), the Steam Early Access version contains the anticipated cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players. Two-packs and four-packs of Victor Vran are available now at the Steam store with a multiplayer discount.

On top of that, EuroVideo and Haemimont are celebrating the new multiplayer update for a couple of days with a special discount on all versions – so get your copies soon!

Since the Early Access launch in February 2015, Victor Vran has been updated with new zones, boss-fights, monsters and weapons, such as the brand new Scythe weapon type, available today. A mouse-movement control scheme, private stash and many interface improvements were introduced thanks to the excellent feedback of the Early Access community. Victor Vran is on track for its full release this summer.

A detailed roadmap describing upcoming updates is available here.


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