Voyage Century: Treasure Hunter

One of the highlights of the “New Era of Conquest” is the 5 new professions available. Before this “New Era” begins, the VCO team has been giving previews of these new professions. Last time, Voyage Century introduced the elegant and well mannered Royal Military Officer’s cunning sea combat tactics, the Imperial Guardian’s unparalleled bravery on land, and the Armed Businessman’s great assistant abilities. Today, Voyage Century is going to introduce you to the Treasure Hunter, whose nickname is the Deadliest Shot.

They have the passion to explore every corner of the world to find treasure. However they also excel at long distance cannon attacks, mines, and ramming tactics. On the ground, they are sharpshooters with deadly aim and smart enough to deal with all kinds of situations.

During Sea Battles, Trajectory Research and Tossed Shot research can increase their shooting range by 50 meters. Cannon Attack Technique and Chain Canister Ball knowledge will have their enemies praying for mercy. While Rapid Mines, Enhanced Water Mines, Shock Wave, and Delayed Explosion are all strengths.

On land, she is a master with small arms. Longer shot distance and faster movement are the reasons why she is known as the Deadliest Shot.

Treasure Hunter is a profession that can cause a lot of damage to enemies. Look out for them in Voyage Century: New Era of Conquest!

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