Voyage Century: Using Provisions Wisely

Imagine you are sailing smoothly to London from Athens to meet a very important friend, all of a sudden the speed of your ship starts drops sharply, eventually ending up becalmed on the wide ocean. Now imagine you are chasing a loathsome pirate, and your ship begins dropping back as your speed decreases and you watch that brigand sail away, how does that make you feel? If you never want these embarrassing moments to happen to you, learn how to use provisions wisely now!

Provision consumption is closely connected with the number of sailors aboard your ship. Basically, the more sailors you have, the more they eat (and drink), so your provisions will be consumed faster. One easy way to save provisions is to simply reduce the number of sailors on board. Less mouths to feed, means less consumption. However, if there are too few sailors, sailing speed will be reduced by a lack of crew to man the ship. Remember, unless your are heading into battle, balancing crew, provisions and speed is essential.

Provision consumption is also affected by ship sail durability. The higher your ship sail durability is, the more provisions will be consumed, and faster. So turning down the ship sail durability to save provision is a no brainer.

If your ship is lower than level 4, you can team up with higher level ships to sail and save on provisions. If the ship with the highest speed tops up its ship sail durability, the rest of the ships can all decrease theirs. Don’t forget to choose “Union Mode” before doing this though.

Apart from the methods mentioned above, you can also buy Compressing Provision Boxes to avoid stockpiling too many provision at ports too often so that you can reach your destination fast.

May the wind be always at your back! Safe voyage!

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