Wakfu – Now Available on Steam in Multiple Languages


ANKAMA today announces that the MMORPG WAKFU is now available on STEAM in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Thai.

WAKFU was first released in 2012 and rapidly developed a loyal global following that is still growing today. The anime-style universe of WAKFU is infused throughout with humor, from the charming interactions to its tactical combat, belying the complex political and economic systems at its heart. The game receives content updates every 2 months in average and is subscription free.

“We are proud to bring WAKFU on STEAM and give the opportunity to more and more players to discover this universe. We are starting with English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Thai players but more will follow soon” declares Olivier Comte, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at Ankama.

For the game release on STEAM, the game tutorial has been entirely reworked in order to provide a better game experience. Participants in the closed beta will receive a decoration as a reward for their contribution. Inspired by one of Valve’s famous games, this reward is the perfect item to symbolize the partnership between both companies.

In addition to the MMORPG on STEAM, players now also have access to the WAKFU anime through Netflix since the 15th of September. These releases will bring the WAKFU universe to a worldwide audience.

For more info, visit http://store.steampowered.com/app/215080/?snr=1_7_7_151_150_1

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