War of Legends Storms Past 5 Million Registered Users

War of Legends Storms Past 5 Million Registered Users




Jagex today announced that its popular real time strategy game War of Legends now boasts over 5 million registered users as they announce the latest in a series of updates for the popular game.



“Reaching the 5 million registrations milestone is a fantastic achievement for War of Legends and we are delighted to see the game go from strength to strength. To ensure we are providing the most compelling experience for our players we are constantly adding new content to the game, both for new player and the existing high level players. Today’s update sees the introduction of some of the most challenging content we have ever added to War of Legends, we can’t wait to see what our players make of it,” commented Bob Ollet, VP of Commercial Publishing.



This latest update (version 1.5.2) includes a plethora of brand new, high level content designed to challenge even the most experienced of players which includes:

3 new floors to the popular Buzhou Mountain instance – Buzhou Mountain is a dungeon where players must fight through floors of increasing difficulty, offering some of the most challenging content in the game

New Nullifier Artifact – a new in-game item which can be equipped to any Legend allowing players to defend themselves against the enemies powerful magics.



War of Legends is a flash-based RTS game based on ancient Chinese mythology, which immerses players in a world where they can build vast empires, appoint legendary leaders and form multi-player alliances to reach eternal glory.

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