War of the Immortals launches New Expansion

War of the Immortals

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that The next installment to War of the Immortals: Cult of the Wyrm is now live. Several new features have been introduced in the game including:

  • Level cap increased from 120 to 130.
  • 2 new zones, with new monsters to capture and use as combat pets!
  • New plot quests: Toxic ash is poisoning the Midgard Highlands, and the Paladins need your help investigating this. There are even rumors of a giant dragon, so you’d better be prepared to fight…
  • 5 new instances, including the climactic fight against the dragon-god Nidhogg. Defeat the cult that’s trying to resurrect her, and stop her before she can devour Yggdrasil and destroy the universe!
  • Essence Cards: Collect this new equipment type from bosses and monsters. Cards can be combined to upgrade them, or embedded with materials to unlock passive skills.
  • Feats of Heroism achievement system. When you unlock all the achievements in a tier, you start unlocking passive stat bonuses, a Phoenix mount and more!
  • New 3v3 PvP arena, with exclusive rewards that buff your combat mounts!

For more information, visit http://community.arcgames.com/en/news/war-of-the-immortals/detail/3043303-cult-of-the-wyrm-expansion%3A-now-live!

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