Wartile releases first major update

Wartile Adventure Pack 05

You guys might remember my review of Wartile [found here], the combination of PC Real-Time Strategy boardgame! Well, today they released their first major update, Adventure Pack 0.5. It boasts a ton of new content, a new female archer unit [at the behest of the fanbase], a really cool Horde/Survival mode in the form of “Trail of Tyr”, which will have players tackling wave after wave of enemy units with the goal being to survive. A new battleboard is also being added, which is sure to be just as physically appealing and challenging as every other map I tackled in this game. A lot of visual overhauls were included, which are fantastic, as well as some changes [improvements] to the overall Progression system of the game. It’s definitely worth checking out as it comes closer and closer to launch, and if you want the full details, you can find them right here on Steam.

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