Web Koihime Musuo Cosplay Contest Report 1

Web Koihime Musou Cosplay Contest Progress Report 1



Hey OnRPG viewers, Gamania fans, and cosplay enthusiasts! The heat is on as our official Web Koihime Musou cosplay competition is now under way. Sushi Monster, Manzi, Vani, and Jenny have just over a month to prepare the ultimate representation of their chosen characters for Los Angeles’ Anime Expo 2012. Let’s take a look at how they’ve chosen to begin!



Sushi Monster

Wigs for Ryubi – need two so that it can be properly styled and right amount of thickness.


Hand sewing the two wigs together.


Cut off hair from the wig to use for the hair horns.


Made little craft foam horns for her horn buns as a base.



Next is painting the horns darker to better match with the wig hair.


Attaching hair to the horns with hairspray! This is before I cleaned up the buns by trimming off any loose fibers sticking out of the horns.


Next is cutting, layering and blending the bangs. It goes from a blunt basic chop off to blended layered bangs.


Attached the hair horns to the stubs.



Close up of the hairbuns with detail.


Hair and makeup test






Drafting up my first pattern for the upper “bodice” of the dress.


Cut first pattern from muslin and pinned to mannequin to check basic fit/form.



After making adjustments to the muslin of the first pattern, I drafted a second pattern, seen here, pinned to muslin, ready for cutting (second mockup).


Checking second mockup for fit and making adjustments.


My dress fabric! Pinned to the mannequin to check weight/drape.




So much silk dupioni, so little time.


Dupioni silk! I think I’ll use the second sample (bottom piece) as my contrast color for the wing design on Chouun’s sleeves.



slash, spread, and draft!



We’re looking forward to near weekly updates on the progress of all four girls so check out OnRPG every week until the big reveal at Anime Expo on June 30th!. We’ll be handing out some sweet prizes to viewers that vote for their favorite as well as interviewing all the girls with Kitty Mach offering her expert opinion. Also feel free to voice your opinion on our discussion thread at OnRPG Forums.



Kitty Mach ANBU Preview

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